Mr White is owned and operated by three New York City service industry veterans Jeffrey White, Kelly Rheel and Chef Andrew Dunleavy.

Born in Lexington Kentucky, Jeffrey White moved to New York City from Alexandria, Virginia on June 28th 1997. That night he met Kelly Rheel where she was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, Polyesther’s in the West Village. Over the next twenty years, the pair ran the gamut of New York City nightlife positions doing everything from serving to bartending to DJing. Jeff and Kelly have owned one restaurant together previously in Williamsburg. Mr White is their dream project.

Born in Bayridge, Brooklyn, Chef Andrew Dunleavy started working in restaurants at age 14 until 1997, when he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Upon his return to NYC, he began working as a cook in restaurants such as Jean Georges’ Vong and John Fraser’s Compass. He quickly advanced to the Executive Chef position at the Sandy Beach Inn, a seasonal hotel and restaurant in Rincon, Puerto Rico and most recently at the Clam and Chowder House in Montauk, NY where he served fresh seafood in both traditional and innovative formats.

The idea of Mr White materialized after Jeff and Kelly came back from a fortuitous trip to the French Quarter in New Orleans where they had their first taste of char-grilled oysters. Having worked with Andrew in the past, it was a no-brainer that he would become the third partner in their new venture after they decided to bring this hard to find southern delicacy to New York City. What started off as a simple plan to focus on the char-grilled oyster and a few other small dishes evolved into what is now a mansion on St. Mark’s with a full menu of Southern ingredients paired in ways we hope you’ve never experienced.

A good day at Mr White is one where you feel welcome, fancy and full.